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Time to relax…

Keeping happy, healthy and managing anxiety

We understand the struggles that many Mums and Carers are going through, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are here to support you and have been thinking about how we can all help ourselves too…

You are important Make time for you. At a time when your child/ren are safe – either being looked after by a responsible person or when they are taking a nap or asleep.

Water  It’s amazing how how much better we can feel after having a big glass of water. Try doing this regularly throughout the day.

Exercise and fresh air  Will will make you feel better too . You could take a walk or spend time in the garden or local park. Why not turn on some music at home and have a dance…. the children would probably love to join in too!

Rest  Having enough sleep, where possible, is very important, but that can be easier said than done when you are a parent. A ‘wind down’ sleep routine might help you and your little one… sitting or lying down in a safe and comfy position, with some quiet, soothing background music. Story time, even tiny babies will enjoy the gentle tones of your voice when reading a book.

Food  It’s important that you and your child/ren get ‘five a day’.  Why not try some new recipes?

Positive Thoughts  We can all go through sad and lonely times, you are not on your own. Try not to bottle things up, TALK! It might help for you to think about, or make a list of the good things in your life and the things that you are doing your best with.

Smile 🙂

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